The Chorus

Christina Beven

Musical Director

Deanne Brant

(b 1937)

Deanna hails from Christchurch, a qualified teacher she has a Diploma in drama from the New Era Academy in London. She is a professional actor, singer and director and is a specialist in music and drama in schools.

She now lives in Sandringham and teaches piano. She was welcomed as a Committee Member for 2013 and comes with extensive committee and board experience. She says that singing with the Chorus is an absolute joy.

Beryl Coe

(b 1939)

Originally from London, Beryl managed business at the Auckland College of Education and now enjoys playing bridge and walking.

She has sung in Church Choirs and says that the Chorus brightens up her Monday mornings and it is good fun to sing modern music.

Beryl joined the 2017 Committee and looks after new Members

Ivan Davies

(b 1937)

Born in Timaru, Ivan spent ten years in the Navy and was then self-employed. Now he keeps busy playing lawn bowls and plays (by ear) guitar, piano and trombone. He sings with the Welsh Choir and enjoys the Chorus because he is learning modern songs that even amaze his grandchildren.

Norman Fairley

(b 1937)

Norman comes from Scotland and has played in many dramas, musical comedies, film and TV roles. He worked as a chef at Air New Zealand and later as a social worker. In his retirement, he still enjoys performing, set building at the Dolphin Theatre and walking the dogs.

He says the chorus makes him feel alive and learning the songs is a challenge.

Bev Faulknor

(b 1944)

Bev was born in Wellington. Before her marriage, she was a pupil of Sister Mary Leo. During, her 30+ years as an Intermediate School teacher, Bev conducted many school choirs, including massed singing, School Music Festivals and was MD for school shows. She is currently a member of the Pakuranga Choral Society.

Singing in the Chorus, and sharing with other Chorus members, Bev believes, has benefits which cannot be measured. We have so much fun, both socially and musically. Bev feels privileged to be associated with such a talented group of people.

Lyn Harding

(b 1946)

Lyn has played interclub badminton for over 25 years and still cruises around the gulf. She has sung with school and church choirs all her life and has appeared at the Auckland Town Hall and concert chambers.

In the Sixties, she was a member of the Auckland Girls Choir (conductor Mr Claude Laurie).

Bill Yates

(b 1932)

A member of the NZ5, he went on the New Zealand tour with his wife Nola Neas. Bill began his singing career in Wellington where he was born and sang with Wellington College and Training College Choirs. He now performs with the Fairview singers and enjoys baking and playing lawn bowls.

He worked in the aviation industry and he believes that the Chorus keeps his brain active.

Pam Sefton

(b 1941)

Pam worked as an export clerk and was born in Auckland. She has sung with many choirs, notably the World Festival Choir backing Pavarotti and the Commonwealth Games Choir in 1994. She was a foundation member of the Pakuranga Choral Society and enjoys cross-stitch, dress making and genealogy. Her singing has given her great joy over the years. Pam is our hardworking Wardrobe Mistress.

Nola Neas

(b 1936)

A dancer from the age of four, Nola has been active in operatic and legitimate theatre all her life. A member of the NZ5 she was founding Secretary for the Chorus. She plays outdoor bowls and enjoys performing with the Fairview Singers. She finds the chorus to be an uplifting, satisfying experience and says she is still on a learning curve.

Renee Sawyer

(b 1941)

Renee is from Sheffield, UK and enjoys puzzles, knitting, gardening and has found the chorus has given her confidence to set aside her shyness. She has worked as Committee Secretary for the local Council and has sung in school and church choirs.

She enjoys aquarobics and is a keen swimmer like her husband Trevor.

Trevor Sawyer

(b 1938)

Married to Renee, Trevor was also born in Sheffield and as well as singing in the church choir was a member of the ‘Silver Songsters’ as a youth.

He is enjoying the challenge of learning pop songs and his hobbies are swimming, running and reading and he belongs to his local Probus club.

Ron Scott

(b 1939)

Auckland born, Ron keeps himself busy with dancing, gardening and a bit of golf – he also sings with the City of Auckland Singers and the Pakuranga Choral Society. His day job was a clerical one and he says that singing keeps him young.

Sheila Summers

(b 1939)

Born in London, England, Sheila divided her professional life between teaching speech and drama, undertaking training in the Corporate sector and professional acting. She has directed many shows in Community Theatre. She appeared in the first New Zealand Soap Opera ‘Close to Home’ and many other TV series including playing a regular role in Shortland Street. She is delighted with her new found ability to 'rap'.

Stuart Gaze

(b 1942)

After many years singing with the North Shore City 100 Voice Chorale and performing at the Last Night of the Proms. Stuart is glad to join up with our small friendly Chorus. He enjoys watching sport, swimming, gardening reading and travel. Stuart worked as a lawyer but still volunteers two days a week as a Budget Advisor and has many hobbies. He is the proud grandfather of eleven grandchildren.Stuart became Chairman of the Chorus in 2017

Pauline Wetton

(b 1941)

Pauline comes from Taranaki and brings a lifetime of experience in the fields of both drama and music. She was Head of Drama at Keri Keri High School and set up the well known Bay of Islands Youth Theatre. She has sung in musicals and enjoys a variety of hobbies including tap dancing! We welcome Pauline's transfer from being a founding Associate Member to being a singer and soloist.

Senga Hutson

(b 1942)

Senga's name betrays her Scottish heritage and she now lives in Mt. Albert. Her experience includes singing with a band when she was in her teens and she worked full time until 2013 in her accountancy job. In her spare time Senga enjoys knitting and shopping. She saw our concert at the Bruce Mason Centre and was hooked. She really looks forward to coming to rehearsal each week. Senga is our hardworking Treasurer

Maurice Tilllotson

(b 1944)

A professional football coach from Yorkshire, Maurice is now a resident of Elmwood Village in Manurewa. He sang first as a boy soprano and latterly in the Auckland University Choir and the Franklin and South Auckland Choirs. He is also a soloist and in his spare time, keeps busy at Continuing Education at the University of Auckland and doing Website maintenance.

Jewel Crane


Jewel was a sailor, a secretary as well as a singer in her younger days. She spent 25 years crewing on yachts but now loves to read,knit and do crossword puzzles. She still keeps busy doing her husband’s accounts for his small business and attends Aqua-robic classes. Jewel is Auckland born and bred; she has twelve grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. She sang with school and church choirs when she was young and until recently she was a member of Max Maxwell’s Sing for Joy Acapella choir but now feels she has found the place where people love to sing and haven’t given up on life

Jill Robinson

Jill was involved in performance from an early age. At first, mainly in dance but eventually joining her sisters to perform in a variety of public forums as a song and dance team. The love of singing was a natural outcome of belonging to a musical family where beautiful singing in multiple harmonies was an everyday occurrence. As a school teacher Jill brought her love of dance, singing and music to her work taking choirs, training dance groups and developing junior orchestras. For Jill, singing with the Chorus, tackling new songs and mixing with great people is brilliant!

Sydney Neale

Wendy Overy

Wendy Overy

Wendy was born and educated in Christchurch where she also trained as a nurse before joining the Navy. She has travelled widely and lived and worked in England, Solomon Islands and Fiji. Was classically trained and sung in traditional choirs, and has found singing with Young at Heart has drawn out a dormant fun side to her! Still loves travelling, enjoys her family and is an avid animal lover, in between still working as a part time researcher.

Vee Noble

Vee Noble

Vee was born in Hertfordshire, England but has lived in New Zealand since 1967. She has worked as a journalist/editor/writer all her working life including working as a columnist at the NZ Woman’s Weekly interviewing local and overseas music artists. and starting the first pop music magazine in New Zealand. Her love of music was fired by her father who had a beautiful voice but considers herself as more of a 'shower singer'. Vee enjoys being a member of the Chorus, always learning with a great bunch of people.

Jon Cooke (1943)

Ken Norton

Ken Norton

Marg Couper

Marg Couper

After teaching for 50 years Marg is thoroughly enjoying being retired and has been doing a lot of travelling. Every year she has travelled overseas for periods ranging from 6 weeks to 6 months, She also travels around NZ regularly, driving her own camper van. Music has always been a big part of Marg's life and she has sung in several choirs, musical productions as well as working with school choirs. Currently Marge is in a band in her village, playing and singing songs mostly from the 1950s to '70s.

Past members

Juanita Angell (Foundation Member), Heloisa Barczac, Sandra Bass,, Barry Bennetts, Shirley Bishop, June Brinton, Elaine Bristol, Lance Clark, Cassie Cross, Pam de Frere, Syd Dowling (Foundation Member), Eileen Evans (Foundation Member) Estelle Geddes, Ann Gillespie, Sara Heslop, Jon Hodson, Michael Jones, Grahame Langford, Sai Law, Rose Luey, Lizzie McLellan, Sue Marsh, Doreen Mastemaker, Trish Mindel, Des O'Connell, Anne Searle, Barry Southon

In Memorial

  • Earl McNamara (1937-2018)
  • David Johnson (1932-2018)
  • Barry Allpress (1931 - 2017)
  • Sam Winer (1929 - 2015)
  • Peter Coutts (1937 - 2015)
  • Graeme Smith ( 1940 - 2015)
  • Murray Harford (1938 - 2017)